Monday, November 7, 2011

I Did, In Fact, Finish

I did, in fact, finish my 30-day photo project back in September, but I never posted the last set of images. Here they are.

Gift Gift

Just Baked Just Baked

Graded Papers Graded Papers

Sunlight Makes Lens Rainbows Sunlight Makes Lens Rainbows

National You-Are-Loved Chalk Message Project National You-Are-Loved Chalk Message Project

Camera Phone Photo Camera-Phone Photo

Storms From The North Storms From the North

Afternoon Rainbow Afternoon Rainbow



This memory

tastes of salt tears and honey

and smells like twilight

in the fall.

This memory

resides in the shadow’s

stark contrast to the white

of her thigh.

This memory -

a keening wail

and the tearing of skin

in mourning anguish.

I have lost the sound of her voice.

I have lost the taste of her kiss.

I have


and memories